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The Kiss

We invite you to be part of ‘The Kiss’ an Art Installation to be exhibited on Valentines Day 2023 in Hong Kong.

A James England Art Installation

We are looking for 99 couples of all ages to take part in our up and coming exhibition.


Be photographed and filmed giving your best Silver Screen Hollywood Kiss within a display of the final batch of 99 from the ‘Original Series’ or our Art Toy Teddy Bears.


Creating a Short film and Photographic Exhibition to be printed and projected alongside the Physical Art Installation display (set to the musical back drop of ‘The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns)

The Kiss _ Judy _ Web.jpg

An exhibition exploring the relationship between Luxury Design and Art.


If you’re in Hong Kong in January 2023 and would like to take part in ‘The Kiss’

please contact us


or our Facebook page

for further details.

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